History of Opake - OTE

One of the pursuits of OME-OTE (Federation of OTE Employees) since its very first year of function in 1982 was the creation of holiday resorts for the OTE employees. In 1984 OME-OTE and the management of OTE bought a plot of land by the sea in Temeni, Aegio where the first holiday resort is created. One year later OTE gave a private plot in Fanari Komotini so as a second holiday resort to be created.

Basically, the holiday resorts function as campsites. The administration and their function is the duty of a committee comprised of syndicalist and administrative members and appointed by the management of OTE and OME-OTE.

The need for the existence of an entity which would deal exclusively with the holiday resorts of OTE became imperative. So, in 1988 they decided the establishment of OPAKE-OTE (term 13 of the annual collective agreement).

On the 12th June 1989 the private contract for the creation of OPAKE-OTE and its organizational charter ( Holiday Resorts Organisation of OTE) were signed between the management of OTE and OME-OTE. Apart from that, they appointed the first board of directors which consisted of high syndicalist and administrative members. In 1992 we had the annual regular funding of OPAKE-OTE (term 11 of the annual collective agreement). After the 2297/28-12-1992 decision made by the board of directors of OTE, the two holiday resorts in Temeni and Fanari are given to OPAKE-OTE for 20 years.

In the decade of 2000- 2010 the holiday resorts of Temeni and Fanari are updated with new more modern facilities ( restaurants, bars, kiosks, bungalows, playing fields, biological cleansing purification systems etch). At the same time the services offered in the resorts are improved too ( healthcare services, sports events, security services and many entertaining events such as parties, excursions, musical performances and concerts etch). In addition to the above services, on the premises of the two resorts OPAKE-OTE hosts successfully groups of employees in the telecommunications sector from foreign countries such as Cyprus, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Portugal etch.

Today, OPAKE-OTE offers its members, employees and pensioners of OTE, not only the ability of staying in the two holiday resorts but also the opportunity to spend their holidays all year round in specific hotels in Greece and abroad.
Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that all the above services consist an accomplishment of OME-OTE for all the employees of OTE. However, nothing could be done without the valuable aid of the management of OTE.


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